Sometimes you need a second handful of chocolate

You do. You just do.

This afternoon is one of those times. It has been an extraordinary day thus far. Started off with legs that showed up for the day, always a nice beginning, and continued with me braving the drive to and from yoga. That was a tricky thing, driving home after yoga. Those ninety minutes in the hot room, working so hard I saw stars twinkling about my head more than a few times, don’t leave much in the way of stamina for the walk back to the car, let alone the ability to drive it.

But I did, I did drive it today, because I could.

That’s new.

I like new these days.

So this afternoon, sitting in bed reading through some emails and getting a few things done I decided chocolate should be in order. We’ve got some really good, dairy free, dark chocolate baking chunks in the cabinet and a handful seemed just the trick.

Not even close.

Some days are hard and some days are frustrating. Some days the legs show up for work and some days they don’t. Some days the dark threatens to creep out of its murky place and steal away the drive to recover. And then some days… some days rock because it all comes together in a way you weren’t sure would ever happen.

Those days are good days. Those days are chocolate days. And today? Today was one of those days, so I made it a double.

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