Been a while

Bed day
Another bed day after
So long free
So long in the light

Waiting in the weight
crushed by exhaustion
Its inky heaviness
Unwelcome, comfortable
In skin I don’t want to share

More minutes spent
Making now, then
By any means
By any thing that turns the clock

It’s been a while
Since the tired came for me
Fighting through the fog
Low under the covers
Sinking, separated


No fever to justify this
Uselessness, burdensome day
Tired is weak
Tired is quitting


Tired can hurt so much
Exhaustion aches in my bones
In my mind, in my soul
So hard to breathe
When nothing seems to be working

Another day I’ll never get back, stolen
This injury is the thief
But I am the prisoner
But I am still

The prisoner

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