When the wind blew

Awake from the coldest peak, it rose
Gleefully racing down the mountain to inflict, once again
A cat, toying with his prey
Too cruel to grant death’s reprieve

A chair tossed aside announcing his arrival, ready to slice his teeth
Into the spaces between where metal meets bone
A predator, hungry for the heat of blood on his jowls
And the screams from his unwilling victims

A heart beating in fear
A glance outside to see
The whipping serpent circling the house
Unwelcome, unwanted, unstoppable

A pause, waiting
For the biting, for the pressure
For the wind to sink into the deepest parts
A cold, dark, unyielding grasp

He howled and railed outside
Tossing heavy things like paper
He laughed and smiled, daring me to resist
The darkness he promised would ooze into every broken piece

The wind blew
And blew some more
He pounded at the door and shook the window
He blew and he blew and he blew

And he couldn’t get in

This time the house stood strong
This time the body was a barrier
This time the work, all of the work
Was enough

Enough to keep the wind out
No matter how he growled
No matter how he bellowed
Indignant, angry, stupefied at my resistance

He blew in roaring, strutting about the victor before the fight even began
But I am no longer a lamb
I have crawled out of my prison
To be free of its hopelessness, to be free of its pain

And I am stronger than the wind

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